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Start a Florida Business

Building a Strong Foundation for Your Florida Business

Our experienced Florida business formation attorneys help entrepreneurs select the best business structure for operational efficiency, tax savings, and liability protection.  We guide you through state and local registration, obtaining an EIN, and drafting bylaws or an operational agreement.  We provide essential business forms from business plan templates to nondisclosure agreements.  Whether you are looking to form a corporation, start an LLC, or create a partnership, our team can prepare your business for legal compliance in the Sunshine State. 

Headshot of Antoine Dumas, Florida business formation attorney.

Meet our Founder

Antoine Dumas

Antoine Dumas is a serial entrepreneur turned attorney turned entrepreneur again who has owned over ten successful small businesses, started his own law firm right out of law school, and plots every night on how to get rich, making others rich in order to enrich his treasure account in Heaven!

For that reason, Antoine created, where he helps entrepreneurs take the guesswork out of starting a business. He believes that if people can set a strong foundation, they can build a strong business.

Antoine is a licensed Florida attorney who graduated from the Howard University School of Law and is a former fellow of The Business Law Section of The Florida Bar. In addition to being a lawyer, Attorney Dumas is a pastor, author, youth sports coach, and mentor who enjoys reading, playing sports (especially pickleball), starting random side businesses just for fun, and spending time with his incredible family.

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